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Aug 23, 2012
The deadlines for abstract submission and registration for the 3rd Symposium Cancer and Sexuality are extended until 15th September!!! Click here for more information about the meeting.
Jul 5, 2012
The scientific program for the 3rd Symposium on Cancer and Sexuality is available. For a download of the full program, please click here.
Feb 23, 2012

Flyer available for the 3rd Symposium on Cancer and Sexuality!

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The 2nd Rotterdam Symposium on Cancer and Sexuality (2010)

Controversies in Cancer and Sexual Function

The 2nd Rotterdam Symposium on Cancer and Sexuality, Controversies on Cancer and Sexual Function was held on the 4th of June 2010. The symposium was of interest  to all those who work with people whose sexual lives have been affected by cancer and its management. This symposium explored challenging, controversial and neglected aspects of sexual recovery in onccology, including: penile rehabilitation strategies, hormone replacement for low desire in hormone responsive cancers, sexuality and body image in head and neck cancer and the restoration of intimacy in serious illness.

The symposium was held in the Netherlands Architecture Institute in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


Abstracts - Invited speakers

1. How to talk to oncologists about sexual medicine and to sexologists about oncology
Johannes Bitzer

2. Intimacy and its restoration in couples affected by cancer
Darja Brandenburg

3. Hormone replacement therapy for pre-menopausal women with breast and gynecological cancer: impact on mood and sexual desire
Rossella Nappi and Johannes Bitzer

4. Is androgen supplementation feasible in the hypogonadal patient treated for prostate cancer?
Emmanuele A. Jannini

5. Rehabilitation of sexual function after treatment of prostate cancer
Luca Incrocci

6. Sexual functioning in patients treated for head and neck cancer
Susanne Singer, Jens Oeken, Friedemann Pabst, Hans-Joachim Vogel, Angela Kluge, Karl Hormes, Sven Koscielny, Alexander Thiele, Juliane Schock, Kerstin Breitenstein, Helge Danker, Thomas Eichhorn, Alexander Hemprich, Andreas Dietz

Abstracts - Proffered papers

Session 1

7. Sexuality and intimacy: the impact of cancer & discussion with health care professionals from the client's perspective
Hilde de Vocht, Joy Notter, Harry van de Wiel

8. 80 questions and answers about Cancer and Sexuality
Corien Eeltink and Daniela Hahn

9. Addressing sexuality issues of women with gynecological cancer: Chinese nurses' attitudes, beliefs and practice
Ying Chun Zeng, Alice Yuen Loke

10. (Not received yet)

11. Sexuality of Belgian Short Term Breast Cancer Survivors
Determinants and Care Needs
E.E.J. Pauwels, E. Van Hoof, C. Charlier, I. De Bourdeaudhuij, J. Bourgois, L. Lechner

Session 2

12. The ROSA experience: a health professional network to reduce the inequality of access to oncosexological care
Pierre Bondil, Daniel Habold, Tony Damiano, Paul Champsavoir

13. Planned Interviews about Sexuality as part of Routine Care to Men with Genitourinary Cancer.
S.M. Maassen, C.J. Gamel, W.P.A. Boellaard, & C.H. Bangma

15. Cognitive behavioral therapy and physical exercise for climacteric symptoms in breast cancer patients experiencing treatment induced menopause: first results of a multicenter trial
Saskia F.A. Duijts, Hester S.A. Oldenburg, Marc van Beurden, Neil K. Aaronson